About Us


OUR MISSIONTo create useful products that lasts

OUR PRODUCTS: Made from industry-proven materials with the least impact on the environment and manufactured by experienced craftsmen

OUR COMMITMENT: Never sacrifice product quality over potential profits.

Fixsolve is a small family-run business from the Philippines.  It all started when we, Errol and Maria, casually talked about why products nowadays are not as sturdy as it used to be and why people are more into fads and novelties.  When we were younger, our schoolbags are good for two to three school years.  Our clothes would last for years and can even be hand-down to our younger siblings.  Where are the good old products that our parents and even grandparents relied on to? 

Since we commute daily and we like to travel and explore, we noticed that a reliable backpack is a necessity for most people nowadays. A backpack that could carry and secure the essentials of today's lifestyle such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, documents, books, and clothes.  Although there are a lot of backpacks with really cool designs available in the market today, only a few were actually built with reliability in mind. Parts like zippers and buckles will fail, and fabrics will rip apart within a few months of use. We wanted this to change. 
That is how we came up with a delicately understated bag design that we named Nash, inspired by the famous classics and integrated with modern day reliability. During the design phase, we focused on usability, simplicity, comfort, and ruggedness.

The journey carried on after the design phase.  We contacted and visited the manufacturers of each component of the bag to ensure that we can hand pick the best parts and materials for the Nash backpack. We’ve sourced ourselves the fabric, zippers, buckles, drawstrings, padding, and even down to the thread used to put it together.

Then it took us months running around Southeast Asia trying to search for the perfect backpack maker only to find out that there is a local manufacturer with decades of experience creating high quality bags. They agreed to help us out.  And after a few weeks of several sample revisions, we’ve finally created the Nash backpack.