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Traveling is fun. Packing is not, and let’s not even talk about unpacking. What you bring along for the ride is essential to getting you there and keeping you content on the other side. How you bring it is a display in packing prowess.

Travel comes in many forms from long haul flights, public transport commutes and on your own two feet. The Nash backpack was designed to master all of these travel situations. Let’s go.


At the airport keep your essentials close by and comfortably on your back. With increasing restrictions on baggage allowances and indispensable tech gadgets needed at hand, the Nash has frequent and infrequent fliers covered.

  • Backpack Style: Keep your hands free to pull a bigger suitcase, assist travel companions such as children, or be ready to run to your next flight when necessary.
  • Comfort: Two straps are way more comfortable than a heavy bag on one shoulder.
  • Stow: At 11W x 6.75D x 19H inches, it is easily stowed in the overhead stowage compartments.
  • Specialty Compartments: Safely pack your valuables like laptops or camera components that you might not want in checked luggage.


The daily grind is less of a grind when you don’t have to worry about a broken zipper on your way to work, spilled coffee soaking through to your laptop or looking lit enough among your peers when shoulder to shoulder on public transportation.

  • Industry-Proven Materials - YKK® zippers and Duraflex® hardware are some of the best components in the industry made to last a lifetime.
  • Waterproof - Both the inner and outer fabrics are polyurethane coated making it water-repellent.
  • Sleek and Smart Design - Don’t worry about trends because the Nash’s thoughtful sleek and smart design is never out of style.


Many of the most captivating places in the world can only be accessed my foot, so get moving. With no convenience stores along the way and views to marvel, you will need a few provisions, a camera to capture the sights and a bag that can withstand nature.

  • Organized - There are many compartments that not only keep things handy, but also keep delicate items safe.
  • Rainproof - The outer closure and the dedicated laptop/camera compartment have water-resistant zippers to ensure that electronic devices inside should be safe from water damage.
  • Durable - Made of Cordura®, this fabric is guaranteed abrasion and tear resistant as well as water-repellant. It’s ready for adventure.
  • Washable - The coating on the fabric makes it easy to simply brush most dirt off. Tougher soils can be spot cleaned or hand washed with spray cleaners, detergent and water.

For all your journeys, you can trust the Nash backpack to travel well.

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