The Roots of the Nash

The Lifestyle of the Modern Nomad Invented the Nash

Nash Bagpack

Necessity inspires invention which was the case when the Nash backpack was developed. Technology has changed the way we work, socialize and almost everything we do. Gadgets like phones and computers became more than gadgets and more like items we cannot live without. New technologies disrupted the traditional office space allowing work to take place anywhere with an internet connection.  A new mindset sprouted a generation motivated to have experiences over things. The “Modern Nomad” necessitated the invention of an awesome backpack, the Nash backpack.


The backpack had been around for a long time, and for good reason - it’s very useful. Of all bags designed to be carried, the backpack is the most ergonomic design with it’s even distribution of weight while keeping arms and hands free to do everything else. Though, we set out to make it even more than comfortable but also tough, yet sleek.


For the modern nomad, work and personal interests make phones, laptops and cameras indispensable. Thus, we made a comfortable way to carry these delicate necessities and also protect them during our extensive development process paying close attention to design, sourcing durable materials, testing, and monitoring manufacturing.


Even though travel is more cumbersome since the jet set era, it’s not slowing down this generation. Long security lines and on-board restrictions meant the modern traveler needed a smarter way to get around quickly. The streamlined design is sophisticated and travels well.


As technology becomes an increasing part of our lives and the need for ease of movement is more than a luxury, we find the Nash is ready to serve the “Modern Nomad” for a long time.

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