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We developed The Nash backpack for the generation of Modern Nomads who are rewriting the rules of office hours, family life, and global citizenship. Constantly, we are inspired by the ingenuity, the leap of faith, and of course, the adventure. While many of us get lost in their Instagram feeds, we got personal with a few of our most admired modern nomads and learned a few tricks of the trade. 


Family Travels

FroFamilyTravels is a British family of three traveling the world since March 2018 with a toddler. We love their sense of adventure especially since parenting from anywhere is an adventure in itself. In 15 months, they have lived in 7 countries and counting. Earning an income online allows them the freedom to travel as they please, but they are still learning as they go. On their Instagram and blogthey share the journey as well as tips for their online streams of revenue. We asked them how to be a Modern Nomad and this is what they told us: 


What are 3 Crucial Steps to becoming a Modern Nomad?

  1. Secure Your Finances - I think most modern nomads are self-employed and with that, opportunities can come and go without much warning.  Having multiple streams of income means that even if one contract ends you’ll hopefully have other income streams that can keep you going in quiet periods.  Also, ideally have some savings in place, just in case. I always say, aim to at least have enough to catch a flight back home if you need to. 


  1. Research the Wi-Fi - For us, a good and stable internet connection is of top priority when considering our next move.  Without the internet we cannot make money thus we search for places with good Wi-Fi. We also buy local sim cards with a large data package as a backup and travel with a pocket router which helps to strengthen a possibly weak connection.  


  1. Pack light - Travelling frequently is actually quite exhausting so you don’t want to be bogged down by carrying too much stuff.  We share one medium-sized suitcase and two rucksacks between three of us, and yet, we still have enough clothes to last us almost 2 weeks at a time.  It makes the moving day so much easier as it’s one less thing to stress about.


    I think the rules of life have changed in 2019. We’ve chosen to live life on our own terms, refusing to allow what society thinks and dictating our daily experience.

    Chi of FroFamilyTravels


    Sara Avans

    Sara avans


    Sara Avans, the founder of Pelooc, never set out to be a nomad. But because of the job she created for herself through photography, it happened spontaneously. For her, being a modern nomad is the feeling that she doesn’t belong to a specific place and the entire world is her playground. Through the company she founded, she gives photo takers the opportunity to experience this freedom as well.  She doesn’t need a place to call home, in a true nomadic fashion, because in this life she’s created - home has become nowhere yet everywhere. We inquired with Sara:


    What does it take to be a Modern Nomad?

    1. Values - I’ve been always driven by a desire to develop relationships and learn new things, rather than possessing things. If you aim to be a nomad, you must be always ready to pack your stuff and go. The less you have the easier it is, not just to pack, but especially to let go to all the things that could hold you back. On the contrary, the more valuable relationships you have, the better you can generate opportunities and get support.


    1. Personality - I’m genuinely curious about everything and open-minded. This brought me to expand my horizons, get in touch with widely diversified groups of people, get inspired to develop new ideas and craft creative solutions when I had to face a challenge. 


    1. Proactivity - I’ve never waited for opportunities, I created them. No one 's gonna ever come to you to offer you a cool job just because you’re pretty and smart. If you haven’t noticed yet, the world is full of pretty and smart people. So you need to know what you want and find your own way to get it, acquiring the knowledge, skills, and assets available to you. And if you don’t have much of them yet, you must be willing to learn, develop new skills, and get creative in order to shape the path to your goals.


      Home has become nowhere yet everywhere.

      Sara Avans

      We hope this inspires you and gets you on your way. Just don’t forget your backpack. 


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