How Digital Nomads Survive Out of a Backpack

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To be able to work with total freedom was once a fantasy for many traditional workers, but with the emergence of the internet, this has become a reality, even a rising trend today. In the United States alone, a 2018 research shows that almost 5 million Americans describe themselves as digital nomads while 27% of the traditional workers might join the workforce in 3 years’ time, with the remaining 11% expressing their desire.

Digital nomads, that’s what these modern workers are called, work anywhere in the world anytime they want. They are able to sustain their travels through their internet-enabled work. Simply put, they are working and traveling at the same time. What a life, isn’t it? So how do these people survive out there with just a backpack?


Rigorous Research

The vital backbone of every digital nomad blueprint is planning. These people do not just go out there without rigorous planning, otherwise, they’ll be struggling to survive. Now, of course, the planning aims to answer the 5 W’s and 1 H questions: who is going with you, what will you do, when do you plan to go, where, why, and how.

For most digital nomads, it is better to go out with a companion than alone. As the saying goes, two is better than one. Surviving life proves to be a lot easier and less stressful when you have someone ready to help you always. Think about a friend who might be interested to be your partner.

What online task would you do while traveling? Choose a work that doesn’t require you to be in a quiet place all the time, one that doesn’t require very strong internet connection if possible so you wouldn’t be bothered whenever you go out with your laptop in hand.

Where do you want to go? Is the place good for online workers like you? Does it have a community of digital nomads? Consider these things for a peaceful transition later on. When is your plan to finally start this new journey? Be very definite with your target date to avoid wasting time. Remember, when you resign or stop from your office work to become a digital nomad, there is no turning back.

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Holistic Preparation

As a digital nomad, you have to be prepared physically, emotionally and intellectually. You have to work and play smart.

Number one preparation is to be physically fit. Years before your target date, start a sustainable exercise routine coupled with a balanced diet to keep yourself fit and healthy. You need to maintain that vibrant active energy all throughout your journey.

Second, being insensitive has no room for this kind of life. You have to be very sensitive with how other people react to your own culture and tradition compared to theirs. It is about observing respect and maintaining an open-mind wherever you go. In other words, emotional maturity is the key.

Third, aside from reading books about your target destination to work and wander, practice how to be street smart. You have to learn to do things in the most cost-effective way as possible. And, believe it or not, how you organize the things you need for your travel plays a critical part in surviving the life of a digital nomad. For instance, a great backpack is a must-have. One that is comfortable, multi-functional, spacious, waterproof, and of course, durable just like the Nash Backpack by Fixsolve, made out of Cordura EcoMade polyester, which comes from durable recycled fibers. Great for the environment, perfect for your travel!


Expanding Connection Surviving out of a backpack doesn’t stop there. Aside from the first two, expanding your network of friends is necessary as well. But how is this possible in a new environment? During your free time, go out and visit historical places. Immerse yourself into the locals’ culture and tradition. Talk to them, engage and do not forget to smile. A smile is a very effective way to create a connection. Who knows, the person you’re talking to owns a hotel, a restaurant or a tourist destination. That would be a good place to start a conversation and expand your network.
Just like any endeavors, becoming a full-fledged digital nomad comes with great responsibility.  It takes rigorous planning, holistic preparation, and effective communication.  That is how you are able to survive out there in the world with just your backpack.  


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